The Investigator

Knowledge is Power

The Investigator provides a unique service whereby we provide you with resources, information, suggestions and support so that you can make informed decisions.

When decisions are made on partial or false information you can guarantee that something will go wrong, the consequence of that decision could be minor or have a devastating effect.

The first question you must therefore ask yourself is   “If I make the wrong decision what will the worst possible scenario be “

Apply this question to


  • Employees
  • Tenants
  • Debtors
  • Contractors
  • Business partners
  • Social partners
  • Investment partner
  • any relationship in which  you need to trust the other party

And decide

  • is the information  they have provided me with   enough
  • am I  confident that what I have been told is true and correct
  • do I trust the  information
  • is the information I have factual
  • can I obtain more information , if so how can I do this legally

remember  con artists are the best sales persons

If your decision is in any way uncertain then you need our services.

You can do this through one of two means   by engaging

Verisure Investigations Ltd